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Your Real Estate Career Starts Here.

Starting a new career in Real Estate can seem overwhelming.

Our 3-Step Program for new agents provides all the tools and training for success.

Launch Coaching Team

Robin Siino – Lead Launch Coach

I have a gift of seeing people beyond their obstacles. I will always take a stand for your greatness not your limitations. You can borrow my belief in you until you have it in yourself.

I am a MAPS approved coach and have been coaching since 2009. I am a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach since 2015 and have coached hundreds of agents in building successful businesses.

I believe in success through others so for me to succeed you must succeed.

“I am lucky to have the best coach ever! Thank you (Robin) for your help and support as I build my business.”

Robin’s Favorites: Time with my husband and family. Camping, fishing hiking and golfing. Doing jigsaw puzzles, crosswords or playing games. Vacationing in Hat Creek in Northern California.


Amy Tremayne – Real Estate Agent, Coach

I have a passion for teaching and for real estate. Coaching allows me to combine my passions to give back to my fellow agents!
I have been in real estate for 5 years achieving Master’s Club status each year. I am currently the lead of the Buyer’s Agent division of Merlino Home Team, coaching and training all agents who join the team. I served on the 2019 ALC and am currently on my 3rd round of BOLD.
“Amy Tremayne has worked as the Lead Buyer Specialist at The Merlino Home Team for the last two years. I would highly recommend her as a productivity coach.”
I will know I’m a successful coach when the agents I coach are not only capping but on their way to becoming Mega Agents!
Amy’s Favorites: My favorite way to spend my time is with my little girls Riley and Luci. They are my world and my BIG WHY!

Leanna Halldorf – Real Estate Agent, Coach

Every agent has taken a huge leap of faith to better their lives and the lives of those around them. I feel it is my duty to support their bravery and help them succeed and thrive in their business. It gives me so much energy seeing agents motivated, exited, and passionate about what they do.

Along with receiving the accreditation as a Keller Williams Market Center Instructor, I have also been a member of the SAR Masters club since 2017, a member of ALC, and the Sacramento office representative for the International regional ALC.

“Leanna has exceptional teaching and communication skills. She is very well prepared, organized and efficient on the subject matter she is teaching.”

I will know I’m a successful coach when the agents I coach are succeeding in their business and mastering their skills so much so that they will want to give back and teach the next group of agents coming up in the office.

Leanna’s Favorites: I love doing community theater, performing with my husband’s band, and singing with the Sacramento Choral Society. Traveling the world with my husband and my daughter. Experiencing new people, cultures, and places.

Kathy Gobbi – Sales Manager, Contracts Queen

For years I took time away from my own RE business to answer agent’s contract questions and help them complete their contracts correctly.  Since becoming the Sales Manager, I have the opportunity to do that on a daily bases and I truly enjoy it.
I started working in real estate in 1980 for a hard money lender. One of my jobs was to go to RE offices to educate agents on how to write the contract so we could purchase the seller carry back loans. I also have reviewed thousands of offers working along side my husband, Mike, as REO agents since 1988.
“I have succeeded in my Real Estate business because of my help and training in contracts from Kathy.”
I know I’ve succeeded when an agent comes to me and says they were told their offer was accepted because it was so well written compared to others received.
Kathy’s Favorites: Spending time with my family is my top favorite, followed by traveling the world with friends and family.